Mitzie-New World #1: Iris

Mitzie stepped up to the ledge of a ten-story building. The light from the city below reflected on Mitzie’s face. Her furrowed eyes looking down to the dark alley below, “What if I just jump and die? And then all of this will be over?” Mitzie began to pace along the ledge, her two long braids swung like arms at her side.

Another woman standing a few steps behind her on the rooftop leaned over the edge and then raised her head to look at Mitzie. Her dark skin shined hues of blue in the light. An annoyed look on her face she said, “Don’t be an idiot, Mitzie. You’ve worked so hard to let your enemy win at this point.” Continue reading “Mitzie-New World #1: Iris”

New World #2 Host

Sitting on the edge of a large water purification factory Mitzie looked over the city. For years she sat on top of this tank looking out into the bustling city below, looking for a sign. After years of searching, she finally found her — the only person she felt could change the tides in a long struggle for power.

Mitzie leaped from the water tower easily jumping from the top of one building to the next. Behind her, the words of the water tower grew smaller “O.A. W. P. Jobs, Water, Prosperity” the motto of the Outer Arm Water Purification Plant.

Continue reading “New World #2 Host”

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